Welcome To CrossFit Bayside

CrossFit Bayside is not just another gym. It’s a place where motivated people come together and help each other achieve a whole new way of living and experiencing life. We are a community of people from all backgrounds who rely on each other and our coaches to learn new skills, achieve our goals and create a positive environment in which anything is possible with hard work, dedication and elite instruction.


Jul 2015

Daily WOD

Thigh-day Thursday

CrossFit Bayside - CrossFit


3 Rounds

-10 SDLHP (bar)

-10 Front Squats

-5 Hands reversed pushups


Squat Clean (3-3-3-1-1-1)

Find 1RM


Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

15 min Amrap

-200m run

-15 Lunges with plate overhead (45/25)

-12 DB Snatch (total- adv. use KB 45/25)

-9 Toes to Bar (scale= v-ups)

When thinking about how to explain what CrossFit® is, we like to start with what CrossFit is not:


  • for people expecting results without hard work
  • for people unwilling to try new things
  • for people afraid to leave their egos at home