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You already own the most advanced piece of fitness equipment ever created, your body. Learn how to use it at CrossFit Bayside. We are dedicated to real-world functional health and fitness. At CrossFit Bayside, we shatter the myths of using machines and doing endless cardio on the treadmill like a hamster on a wheel. We use running, jumping, throwing, kickboxing, weight lifting, rowing, kettlebell training, medicine balls, rope climbing, gymnastics, agility training, and more to create both the form and function of the human body the way nature intended it.

At CrossFit Bayside, we transform each person into an exceptional athlete and defy the limits they thought previously existed. If you are tired of boring workouts, mindless treadmill jockeying and improper nutritional information, come see what makes us different at CrossFit Bayside.
220-40 Northern Blvd.
Bayside, NY 11361